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Hiding Out for Nintendo 3DS

Throw on a costume to throw off your pursuer!

Hiding Out is a single-screen game in the style of classic arcade games. Move between five floors and collect 100 papers while avoiding the police officer(s) who are after you.

While taking a walk and admiring your shiny new camera, you discover the bank is being robbed! Like any good citizen, you take a picture of the bad guy, but he tears up your picture and escapes! Worse still, the police think you're the bank robber! Now you must hurry to collect the pieces of your picture, and show the police the restored photo of the real robber.

But what's the fun in hiding out without a disguise? Tap the Touch Screen of your 3DS to throw on a costume and walk right by the police officers! It only lasts for a short time though, so you'll need to use it wisely!

Hiding Out is currently available digitally on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in all of the North America, Europe, and Australia regions. It features five game modes of addictive gameplay! You can purchase it now from Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Europe.

A theme based on Hiding Out is also available in the 3DS Theme Shop, in the Europe and Australia regions only. It features scrolling graphics and the catchy Menu music from the full game!

A free update for the game was released on January 19, 2018, available through the eShop page. The changes are listed below:

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